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Remanufacturing the Traditional Briton T-shaped Door Closer

We are very pleased to announce Poole Waite & Co Ltd have begun to remanufacture the Traditional Briton "B" and "C" T-shape door closers (Patent 621457/47).

A bronze Briton "B" T-shape door closer seen from above.
The Briton "B" T-shape door closer

Remanufacturing the Briton door closer

Poole Waite & Co Ltd is now the only company specialising in this remanufacturing process.

We have large stocks of brand new models in all finishes and fixing applications, including this very rare special Satin Chrome Plate “B” door closer (pictured.)

Three Briton "B" and "C" T-shape door closers. One is gold, one is satin chrome, and the other is a polished finish.
Traditional Briton door closers, including a rare Satin Chrome plate finish "B" door closer.

History of the Briton T-shape door closer

The Briton door closers were originally manufactured by William Newman and Sons Ltd in Hospital Street, Birmingham during the 1930s. They are still used extensively throughout National Trust properties, Houses of Parliament, period offices, as well as theatre and film sets.

Demand for this closer continues despite the introduction in recent years of many new models and the increasing sales of concealed door closers.

Three Briton "B" T-shape door closers in a gold finish, complete with instructions and fixings ready for dispatch.
The first batch of the Briton B door closers ready for dispatch to a school in Leicestershire

Refurbishment service

Our in-house engineering department offer a repair and refurbish service to customer-owned door closers if required.

Parts of a Briton "B" T-shape door closer which has been stripped for refurbishment.
Briton "B" door closer which has been stripped down for refurbishment

What's inside the Briton door closer?

The stripdown process of a Model "B" being inspected for broken components, metal fatigue and wear, replacing any parts required before soda blasting, painting, then final assembly. (above).

A view inside the coil spring chamber of a Briton door closer, with the spring removed.
What's inside the Briton door closer?

Photo showing the 'coil spring' chamber of a Briton "B" door closer (spring removed.)

During the refurbishment process all traces of rust will be removed, and perished rubber 'O' ring seals replaced.

A new finish for the Briton door closer

The Briton door closer in a matt black finish, seen from above
The Briton "C" T-shape door closer in a Matt Black finish

The traditional Briton "B" and "C" T-shape door closer, remanufactured by Poole Waite & Co Ltd, is now available in a new Matt Black finish.


To purchase or enquire about our refurbishment service, please contact a member of our sales team


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