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At Poole Waite & Co Ltd we are actively looking at ways to improve our carbon footprint.

We appreciate that there are a lot of areas within our industry that have a negative effect on the environment. It may take time, but we are committed to try and reduce this over the coming months and years by looking at various alternatives open to us.

Eco delivery services

We have chosen a courier company with one of the best eco green records. This is DPD, who are supporting and promoting a more sustainable approach to career companies by using electric vehicles, investing in renewable energy, and ensuring efficient delivery routes to minimise fuel consumption.

DPD green van 2.jpg
Image by Robert Bye

Bicycle courier services

We have for the past couple of years made greater use of bicycles which are now used for over 90% of our same day delivery of goods in the central London area (when the weight / size of goods allows).

Whilst reducing our carbon footprint it also reduces the volume of fumes and emissions which will affect the local communities in and around London.


We reuse all packaging materials on goods arriving in from suppliers. This has enabled us to cut the new packaging material ordered in by more than 60% over the past 18 months.

We are also trialling various environmentally friendly packaging materials to use in the future.

Pile of Boxes


All waste produced is collected by Islington Council and separated to meet their recycling procedures.

Eco Friendly Sustainable ironmongery range

Our most recent project, which we are very excited about, has been the introduction of our Eco Friendly Sustainable Ironmongery range.

Many of our customers and their clients are not aware of the life cycle of the ironmongery when an office is stripped out and then re-fitted with new products.

Our aim is to reduce this cycle which currently ships the majority of ironmongery products overseas for scrap, even if they are in very good condition and full working order.

We are actively promoting the benefits of using this range to both customers and their clients as it will enable them to make a significant reduction to their own carbon footprint and their efforts to achieve net zero.

Please keep an eye on our website for further developments

As a company involved with the construction industry, we fully appreciate the even the smallest steps taken can have an impact on the world and our environment.

All the team at Poole Waite will continue to look at ways to become more sustainable.

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